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    Zhang Zixin who came from Faculty of Humanities made a speech on behalf of excellent students at the inauguration of the new students in 2020

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    At 10:30 a.m. on September 23, 2020, Zhang Zixin, from class 1701, Chinese Language major of Faculty of Humanities, made a speech as the outstanding student representative of Huazhong University of Science and Technology at the freshman ceremony of Class 2020 in Optical Valley Gymnasium. Zhang ZiXin, who once were the president of student Union of Humanities College and now is the incumbent members of the presidium of student union, won the national scholarship, Huazhong University of Science and Technology undergraduate school distinction performer, merit student scholarship, outstanding student cadre, outstanding communist youth league cadre and outstanding communist party member. In August, as a representative and a formal member of the presidium of general assembly, she attended the national union of students of the 27th congress.

    Follows is her speech draft.

    Keep learning and open infinite possibilities

    Dear teachers, dear students junior

    Hello, everyone.

    I am Zhang Zixin, an undergraduate from the Faculty of Humanities, Class 2017. Today, 1037 forest park welcomed a group of energetic freshmen. Please allow me on behalf of all the students to express the warmest welcome for the arrival of junior students. Welcome to the beautiful Huazhong University.

    Once upon a time, like everyone else, I came here as a freshman. At that time, I also occasionally got lost in the campus that had around two thousand miles from east to west and struggled daily with which canteen to eat in the next meal. For three years, I often immersed myself in the self-study rooms with bright lights, got up early for morning run in the playground, rushed on the way for student activities. For three years, in addition to absorb the knowledge in class, we can go with the top scientific research teams that explore the world technological frontier in parallel, know the stories of alumni predecessors about their struggle in the big tide of the national economy construction, feel the romance and beautiful of the music festival, light Yuyuan, Zuiwan pavilion's instrumental music party and participate in the new humanities lectures and depth of the latest China red class... If you want, Huazhong University will open thousands of possibilities for you.

    Dear junior students, as general secretary Xi Jinping has said, we rely on learning to come and still need to rely on it to go to the future. Today, you came to Huazhong University through hard study. In the following time in campus, the original heart like rock and the attitude to keeping learning are still our youth melody. They also are the attitude we should have when we strive to pursue our dreams. Let's learn in Huazhong University and fall in love with it.

    Learn from the heroes of Huazhong University and inherit the exemplary strength.

    Here have the people's hero Zhang Dingyu, Iron and Steel academician Teacher Cui Kun, and the model of the times Huang Qun. These heroes' names continuously cast the spirit of Huazhong University culture. Here have doctors who came from Shanghai, thousands of miles away,back to the Wuhan, volunteer seniors who actively registered to become a vaccine trial, tens of thousands of Huazhong University medical staff and young volunteers and countless unknown Huazhong University's heroic stories. As the music video "Nobody" created by the students sings, "The front line of epidemic prevention and control, defending the dignity of life. You don't stick to it for anything, but because of love, fearless. Regardless of pay, life or death are your glory". Light a lamp, illuminate a group of people. These stories of heroes in Huazhong University have made me feel proud and pride of being a Huster from the bottom of my heart. They also inspire and guide us to forge ahead and continue our struggle.

    Learn from models and take advantage of your time.

    In Huazhong University, the big guy is everywhere. You may just pass by a "reading star" who borrows 278 books in a year or sit opposite a "research expert" who has published SCI papers for undergraduate study. Here, we can visit Zhang Xiaolong's dormitory, who was the father of WeChat, can also go into the Yujiashan cave laboratory where the world's most precise gravity constant was measured. The strong learning atmosphere is a kind of spiritual heritage of Huazhong University. The study room here is often hard to find. The playground at dawn has a sound of reading. The scientific research building at night is always brightly lit. The role models are not the film but the life, boredom can't be skipped and hard work can't be copied quickly. They build the remarkable culture of this campus with their persistence day after day. And everyone is the best successor who sticks to "Huazhong Spirit".

    Learn from the practice of dedication and achieve the ideal of youth.

    I know a senior named Liu Jing,who has just finished a one-year volunteer teaching work. As a new teacher at a middle school in Lincang city, Yunnan Province, she was faced with nearly 30 classes a week. But in her opinion, the college teaching support group is a window for local children to learn about the world. She was satisfied that she could help some students by doing something. This senior is an epitome of outstanding graduates who our university selected annual to support the west location and education. There are thousands of people like her lighting up the future of kids at the grassroots level. The sun determines the length of time, but struggle determines the depth of time. As the youth, we should not only show our youth on the campus of Huazhong University, but also bloom our youth on the vast land of our motherland.

    "Learning in Huazhong University". "learning" is not only hard learning, persistent learning, but also thick learning and encyclopedic learning. It wants you to look up, look around and look to the distance. It contains adherence and study of Husters "Bench cold for ten years" generation after generation and represents the spirit of not afraid of difficulties, innovation and the patriotism. Dear students junior, when you stepped into the campus, it began a new journey. In this starting point of struggle, let us get ready to set out, to explore the unknown journey and, to create infinite possibilities. Let us work together to learn in Huazhong University, live up to the youth and live up to the age. Thank you.

    Behind this speech is Zhang Zixin's deep feelings in the years of great struggle in Huazhong University. She shared with the students, "After three years of study, I feel that Huazhong University is not only a scientific and research university with a simple and down-to-earth style of study, but also an inclusive and diversified university that offers students infinite possibilities."

    Here, she was deeply influenced by the simple style of studying in Huazhong University. She swam alongside her classmates in the sea of knowledge with her heart firmly and without distractions. She shared her personal experience of getting up early to study with her roommates and becoming more disciplined. "The learning atmosphere and the culture of a school can really have influence on a person," she said. "I feel very lucky to be here and have had a fulfilling college life."

    Here, she also felt the inclusive cultural atmosphere of Huazhong University. In her student activities, she has learned many experienced and talented students. In Huazhong University, students who like art participate in the art club to show themselves and enrich their campus life. The students, who are enthusiastic about public welfare, set up a support club and a volunteer teaching team to light up the future of kids in remote areas. She was deeply touched by all this.

    "' Learning in Huazhong University 'does not mean that students are rigid in learning knowledge from books, but rather that teachers instruct students in teaching. The school provides us with a rich platform and teaches us to learn and pursue our hearts."

    In the end, Zhang Zixin offered her sincere wishes and future messages to the freshmen of class 2020. She said to the freshmen, "This opening ceremony is very precious, because Zhang Dingyu alumni, Hu Yu personally told you a vivid first lesson, let you feel the insistence and persistence of Husters and the heroic temperament of this campus, this city. "She hopes that the freshmen can inherit this heroic spirit, try in the ordinary, stick to the difficulties, study steadily, pursue their dreams bravely and contribute to our country and society.

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